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I get excited about any time of the year that I can decorate the house or do something fun in the village. Halloween is no exception. I know lots of people don't agree with the idea of 'trick or treating' and I know in South Africa it isn't really possible because of the security aspect. But kids love a bit of spookiness, and Halloween can be kept sweet, simple and fun without anything sinister.

In our village here in Oxfordshire there's an unwritten rule that everyone follows- children only go trick or treating at houses they are familiar with, and then only to those who have a pumpkin on display to welcome them. It seems a good and fair rule, because not everyone wants to or can afford to take part. Also if you are uncomfortable with some of the more sinister themes that go with Halloween, stick to creepy crawlies and pumpkin carving, either way it's a great time of year to get crafty.

This is of course strictly speaking not a home keeping post, but I hope you'll enjoy some of the Halloween ideas for your home anyway.

There are some great ideas on the Internet - I particularly like the Martha Stewart website for things to make. If you don't want your kids to partake in trick or treating, why not have a home party with some spooky cakes and decorate the inside of your house? Below are some great spooky food ideas I found. I'm planning a few carved pumpkins, some bat cutouts to go in the windows and a spooky black bin liner curtain at the front door - I'll post pictures at the weekend to show you which of these other ideas I've used.

And don't forget, while you've got your witches broom out, sweep the floor! ;)
These creepy food ideas are just right for Halloween, and don't go over the top in ghoulishness. I love this spider muffin from the 'Not Martha ' blog - it looks fab!
This spider web cake from the 'Dip me in chocolate and call me a dessert' (fab name) blog looks delicious and just the thing to go on a Halloween cake stand. The recipe can be found on the blog.
A great idea from the Martha website - brain cupcakes. Click on the picture to go to the website.And a lovely simple idea to turn innocent gingerbread men into Halloween themed biscuits, from the Tesco website.This would be brilliant for a Halloween party punch - so creepy! See how to make it on the KidsKuisine website -it's much easier than you think!
When decorating for Halloween, forget about the plastic toys that cost a fortune, I always think simple silhouette cardboard cutouts on the windows or walls, pumpkin lanterns and some dead branches are effective and look classy. Tissue paper is great for making lots of cutouts to stick up around the house. Last year I used orange tissue paper folded in half to cut out jack o' lanterns to go on the windows. It took about 5 minutes to make loads.
This looks stylish and creepy- another Martha idea of course!
I love how this decoration from the Design Mom blog creates a creepy atmosphere but avoids tacky goriness. And a flower arrangement that can be kept after the Halloween decorations come down - once again an example that simple ideas can be so effective.
For those of you who don't like the creepy stuff, glam Halloween up with these fab glitter pumpkins. I love them, but do be wary that your house will probably end up glittered for life. Glitter has a way of sticking to anything.
This front porch arrangement was spotted by the people from the apartment therapy website in New York. They obviously took Martha's ideas to heart - I like the pink pumpkin!Or how about these silver painted ones -so glam!
And if you're into pumkin carving , you must go see the carved pumkin ideas on teh Martha website here.
And my favourite costume ideas for this year are these two.... But unfortunately I'm not prepared to spend loads of money on tulle, so I might just stick to the witches theme for now. What will you be doing for Halloween tomorrow?
And when it's all over... *sigh* I'll be getting out my duster to brush away the cobwebs in the dark corners of the house and on our outside windows sills - unfortunately there's no excuse for cobwebs after Halloween! Have a great weekend.


MelMel said...

How much fun that post was! Really enjoyed it!


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow i loved that post thank you for the entertainment and inspiration!!! i want a tulle outfit now and a big spiders web at the door !
Lesley x

Caroline said...

WOW loved that post & I'm off to look up the reciepes now. Thanks Caroline

Judy said...

What a fun post that was. I had fun reading it and looking at all your pictures. Happy Halloween!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for following my blog. So glad you like it HA the feeling mutual have a great day Caroline

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