Saturday, November 1, 2008

'I Love You Pie' - Fall into Winter Recipe Roundup

I was meant to do this ages ago! Sorry Ivy!
Ivy from the Ivy's Little Cakes blog asked her blog readers to submit a Fall/winter recipe in October. So I'm a bit late with this as today is November, but I hope you all enjoy this recipe anyway. It's not really called "I love you pie", but I just made it like that because I think pies are such loving meals to make. This one is a Chicken and Coconut Milk Pie taken from Sophie's Conran's Pies book. It was easy, and delicious, and Mr Laundrybasketcase did think it was sweet that I put the loving gesture on top. Sorry I didn't take any photos of the inside of the pie.

Serves 4

2 tbsp olive oil
4 chicken breasts cubed
salt & pepper
1 medium onion
1 large leek
+/- 200g broccoli
300 g puff pastry ( I used ready rolled frozen)

for the bechamel sauce
50g butter
2 tbsp plain flour
600ml organic coconut milk (about 1 1/2 tins worth)

Preheat the oven to 220 C. Heat the oil in a pan, then brown the chicken cubes. Season with salt and add the onions to the pan, frying until soft.

Meanwhile slice up the leeks and broccoli (removing the broccoli stems) and add them to the pan. Remove the pan from the heat.

Make the bechamel sauce by melting the butter in a pan. Add the flour and cook for a few minutes. Gradually add the coconut milk, stirring and cooking until it has thickened. Season with salt & pepper.

Now pour the coconut bechamal sauce over the chicken and stir gently. Pour the mixture into a pie dish. Brush the rim of the pie dish with water, roll out the puff pastry and cover the pie dish with it, trimming away the excess sides. Decorate the pie top as you wish with shapes or words, and remember to cut a whole somewhere to let the steam escape (my hole was cut in the middle of the heart shape. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes and serve with rice.

Don't forget to check Ivy's blog for the other recipes from the roundup. Mmmm, winter food is so delicious.


MelMel said...

Yummy pie!
I'm on target......washing being done and guest room remade up back to normal.....we had a smashing time....hoovering and now cake and a cuppa!


Judy said...

That sounds so good!! Just remember better late than never!!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Ooh lovely. I must remember the next time I make a bechamel to use coconut milk X

Ivy said...

I can't wait to try making this pie!
Thanks for entering this great recipe!

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

yummy, that sounds delicious! perfect comfort food as the nights draw in :)

Caroline said...

I think your blog is hot. Your award is waiting on my blog for you to come and collect. Caroline

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!!!! What a gorgeous pie i am going to make that tomorrow its a lovely winter dinner.

I have added you to my list i hope thats ok.

Kelly x

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