Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Swap

For the Christmas swap organised by the two lovely bloggers Melmel and Lesley, I was teamed up with Claire from the Serendipity loves new York blog.

I had never done a swap before, so after a few days of trying to figure out what I was meant to do, I really got into the Christmas spirit to come up with a lovely 'night in' package for Claire. I almost forgot that I would be getting anything myself. So I was dead excited when a box arrived for me on Thursday evening!
Once I got past the sticky tape, our Greyhound was furiously wagging his tail and running around me (he loves a cardboard box to tear to bits when we're done with - so he thanks you for that Claire!). Claire wrote me a lovely card and apologised for not including anything handmade... and of course I don't mind! But you just wait and see, Claire spoilt me so much, that I couldn't have wished for anything more!

Inside the box were some beautifully wrapped gifts with an 'H' ornament for my name!
And slowly as I unwrapped each gift, I got more and more excited! Would you like to see some of my gifts? They are so lovely...

The first one I unwrapped was a gorgeous chunky mug with a picture of a star and the words 'star light' on it and inside Claire tucked a pot of Divine Fair Trade cocoa! Even better is that I love making hot chocolate with cocoa powder rather than 'hot chocolate' mixes, how did you know Claire? Next was the Divine strawberry and white chocolate.... Mmmmm! Then I opened the lovely smelling package containing a White Pear and Fig soap and some Cath Kidston
hand cream. I did not even know Cath Kidston did hand cream, and this smells lovely! After that I thought, that's got to be it right? But oh no, I also found the Christmas socks! Wow, they are so super soft, so I immediately pulled the tags off and put them on my feet. Please excuse the stray dog hairs you can see on the photo below, but our dog is ever so nosy, and came over for a sniff as soon as I put them on. I love them , and they are just the thing to make me feel even more festive (they also have non slip soles for walking around the house in, how clever).

But that wasn't all - Claire also included a Christmas magazine, it has some brilliant projects in, everything from cooking, to decorating! I LOVE magazines, and this one has me sorted for the holidays.
So here, for you all to see again, my complete Christmas swap parcel!
Thank you so much Claire! I feel utterly, and totally spoilt, even more so than our boy did after he had a good tear and chew of the cardboard box and claimed the sofa to himself (not to mention the footstool - he spreads himself out, you see.)
A note for those of you who think dogs shouldn't be on sofas: Please don't shake your head in disgust... have you ever tried to keep a 36 kg Greyhound off a sofa? They are the biggest (literally too) couch potatoes, and I was warned from the start not to even try and deny him the sofa, for it will be a losing battle. Greyhounds sleep on raised benches in their racing days, so when they are re-homed, they think sofas are those raised benches. *sigh* I gave up on day one after he looked at me with those eyes!

But back to the swap... I really enjoyed doing it. I'm sorry for taking so long to post about it all, but I hope you all enjoyed seeing my lovely new goods. And Claire, once again thanks for all your effort, I adore everything you included in the swap!

Claire will be blogging about her swap parcel soon too if you want to have a nosy at what I got her, I hope you enjoy it Claire!

Don't forget to also take a look at Claires lovely and tempting online home accessories shop called Patsi Bea. You can tell by Claire's lovely assortment of gifts that she has good taste, so you're bound to love her shop too!

Hope you're having a festive time too! Have you put your decorations up? We haven't just yet, but I'm dying to get the Christmas lights up!


MelMel said...

So glad you have enjoyed the swap!xxxx wonderful gifts!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya, I'm so pleases you loved your goodies, I've just blogged about mine. Those mint choc swizel sticks are seriously addictive, I sent my mum in law home with one!
Thankyou again for your wonderful swap....Claire xx

Vintage Tea said...

What lovely swap goodies!

Victoria x

Judy said...

Your gifts are awesome. I love your socks. I've never done a swap either. I've been invited a couple of times though. I guess I should try one next time. So glad you enjoyed yours.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Ooh what lovely gifts. I dont mind having a dog on the sofa. I grew up always having a dog and they were allowed anywhere. When me and Mr K had our dog she would come to bed and follow me everywhere and I didnt have the heart to not let her sit beside me. They are like little people X

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely :-), really lovely swaps hope you enjoy them like i enyed mine :-)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oooo what a lovely lovely parcel from Claire :-) having ordered from her website a few times I know Claire has lovely taste and can spoil people with gorgeous things :-)
Lesley x

Ivy said...


Mamma Lalla said...

What a wonderful idea!! The gifts are beautiful. Hopefully I will also be able to get more involved in blogging next year and to also get involved in the swap!
Have a wonderful Christmas - mine will be extra special as I will be in the UK visiting Mr & Mrs Linen Cupboard and Banjo!!

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