Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunch box sorted!

Before I finally do that post about ironing that I have promised, I thought I would let you know how I solved our lunch box dilemma...

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post, I love getting comments and they certainly do help! In the end I found some good solutions in the form of Klip-it containers. It's still not perfect, but at least they are big enough for our appetites. My ideal lunchbox would still be the Laptop lunch box, but bigger. Mr Laundrybasketcase and I have each got a different sort for now, I'm still testing them to see how they work out. I'm also looking for some funky cool bags in which to keep Mr L's lunchbox cool (thanks for that tip Josie-Mary!).

Before you look at the pictures, I would like to add that I don't normally make white-bread sandwiches (I prefer wholewheat pittas, wraps and bagels). However, mr Laundrybasketcase did us some Sunday sausage sandwiches, and did some extra for us to take in our first packed lunch in our new lunchboxes. Just so you know... ;) However, I am also not at all someone who can cope with a lettuce salad for lunch (unless you want to see me grumpy), so I need a good combination of things to fill me up, bits to pick on and things to add to my five a day fruit and veg portion, and of course a little something sweet too. All things in moderation I say!

So let me stop waffling and finally show you our lunchboxes.

This one is mine, it is the Klip-it lunch cube. Basically it's a double-decker sandwich box that unfolds. Handy for separating things, but unfortunately the separate compartments aren't water tight, so I'm having to take houmous in a separate little box.
There's my lunch and snacks for the day: Sandwich, red peppers and carrot sticks to have with houmous, yogurt, brazil nuts and a mini Toblerone. (I don't take fruit because we get some at work for free). It might seem like allot, but I'm a hungry lady!

This is Mr L's lunch box. It's part of the klip-it picnic set. It's a bit bigger than mine, and only has one level. But in the entire set consists of two big containers, two little containers for dips, and two round containers for a salad or pasta portions.
In Mr L's lunch box is: An apple, yogurt, sandwich, carrot and pepper with houmous and a mini Toblerone. So as you can see, the benefit of Mr L's bigger but simpler lunchbox is that I can cram everything into it!I have lots of other ideas for our lunchboxes, ideas that are much better than a sausage sandwich on white bread. I love baking, and I'm hoping to make us some mini banana loafs, bran muffins and bagels. I'm also planning our evening meals so that I'll have enough leftover for lunch the next day. Tomorrow Mr L is away for work, but I am having wholewheat pittas with homemade guacamole, a muffin, some nuts and a yogurt. That should keep me awake in front of the computer.

Here are some more good ideas for some lunchbox inspiration:

  • tortilla wraps with leftover veg and meat.
  • Corn, tomato and pepper salad with balsamic vinegar.
  • English muffins halved, spread tomato paste, ham and cheese, bake under the grill (they make mini pizzas.
  • Tuna, cream cheese and corn spread on a bagel.
  • Slice of banana loaf (keeps you full for ages)
  • Rice salad
  • Potato wedges with guacamole and salsa dips
What's your favourite packed lunch?

Before I forget, I have added some photos of me and my mum (Ma)'s cooking on her blog Mamma Lalla. Unfortunately Ma has had to go have an operation on her knee and has been unable to blog, so I did a post on her behalf.
There's a recipe for a Gammon and Turkey pie if you're interested, as well as pictures and links of making marshmallows. If you have a mixer and a candy thermometer I urge you to try and make marshmallows, they make wonderful gifts to impress, and the kids will love them too! The best bit is when the mixture sets and you have one BIG marshmallow.

I'll be back soon with my lecture on ironing better and faster.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh your lunches look to good to eat and spoil the arrangement!! well done it looks like a good solution :-) I am inspired by the mini toblerone as a sweet option - i think thats where I am going wrong when I try and fit in the extra long toblerone's and then wonder why I am putting weight on LOL
waiting with baited breath about the ironing one although my usual is to get someone to pick it up and bring it back all done !!!

Mamma Lalla said...

Your lunch boxes amazed me - you are a better wife than I am and I can just imagine the lunch boxes of your children one day!! I must be the proudest mom in the world to have a daughter like you! Your mom xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

They are great lunch boxes!
I sure need to get some... as they will be perfect for my 3 Treasures packed lunches!
They will be great to take for pic-nics, at Summer time to!
Thanks for sharing!
Debbie Moss

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