Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Village Fair

Sorry, a non home keeping related post for today. That's because this week there's hardly been time for any home keeping (shock horror! - just kidding, we all need a break). It's been the once a year Village Fair week.

It's just one of the things I really love about living in a village. Our village is not very big, but since we are a full time working couple without kids, we don't always get to see or meet everyone here... but for one week a year, everyone seems to come out of the woodwork. It's kind of a 'twee' village fair, nothing too big, elaborate or fancy really (as you'll see from the photos). During this week villagers open their gardens for some tea and scones, we have the big breakfast morning in the village hall, and of course on the Saturday we have the float procession (all the floats being pulled by the local farmers on their tractors) that ends at the school field for the main event which includes performances by the children and stalls selling plants, food and homemade goods.

Every year I like to bake a cake for the Fair (the cake stand collects money for the Church), and this year I made some pink cupcakes with white fondant roses - sorry, I forgot to take a picture. But I thought you might like to see some photos of the marching band and some of the floats.

The Village Fair Queen on a sledge

The nursery float - sweet!
We were so lucky to have had good weather this year, it makes all the difference to the fair, and today being a lovely day we went and had some scones in the most amazing garden I've ever come across - it certainly has inspired me to make more of our garden. So while we're on the
subject of good weather and gardens... some of you might remember that I planted some seeds a while ago, and posted this picture.

Well, look what has become of those seeds now! I am so pleased that my seeds have actually grown into something and I've managed to keep them alive. I'll be planting them out soon and will keep you posted. There are some Verbena, Cephelaphora, Laura Ashley Poppies (yup, you can get Laura Ashley seeds!) and Evening Primroses in my greenhouse.

And I hope you don't mind, but I thought you might like to see what else is growing in my garden...

I have a tomato plant...Some broad beans...
Coral coloured poppies out the front...

Geraniums given to me by some friends...Oh, and... sorry, this one isn't from my garden. He's just a tired dog because he too went to the Fair and ate too much.
I hope your week is filled with some sunshine and lots of things to eat too.


Mary Poppins said...

I thought we both lived in the same village looking at your lovely fete photographs. We too have celebrated our festival, my daughter was one of the morris dancers.

Thank you so much with all my heart for sharing that wonderful and moving poem. It explains everything I feel and am very touched that you posted it. Thank you :)

His little birthday passed peacfully and happilly and the cake was indeed yummy ;)

Hope you are well and happy


Steph said...

looks like a great day. i'm jealous!

well done on being green-fingered :) nice to see the seedlings storming along. i should plant some more myself as i have still got lots of space in the allotment. we shall have to see who has the best tomatoes! haha! ;)

Mary Poppins said...

Here is a little poem for you, sending hugs X


Some dream of big houses
Or shiny new cars,
Ours is to someday
Hold a baby that’s ours.
Some dream of more money
To hoard and to keep,
Mine is to someday
Rock my baby to sleep.
Some dream of careers
In buildings so tall,
His is to someday
Toss his kid a baseball.
Some dream of great power
To be strong and tough,
Ours is to someday
Have a child to love.
Some dream of things
Such as silver and gold
Ours is of the day
Our child we’ll hold.

~Susan Reardon


Ivy said...

Oh my gosh! Are you from a story book? LOL

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