Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The best Steak Salad...

We've had some internet troubles at home, so I've not been able to post this recipe on Monday as I hoped. But better late than never.

My sister owns and runs a Medical Spa and Guesthouse in South Africa. At the restaurant they serve the most delicious salad I've ever had, and I am genuinely not a fan of salads in general (lettuce is for rabbits!). But this steak salad is filling, tasty and healthy and would probably be enjoyed by most men too. I've been dying to make it myself and got my mum to interrogate the chef about how he makes it. So shh, don't tell my sister I'm sharing this recipe with you. It is actually a very simple recipe and can easily be adapted, but I think it's the sauce and dressing together that makes this work, so pay attention to those bits!

Steak Salad
Makes 2 large portions to be served as main meals

2 Sirloin steaks - fat removed
1 Diced onion
Mixed salad leaves (I used spinach leaves, and a mixed bag of lettuce)
A handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
1 Red/Yellow Pepper, cut into strips
2 Rounds of feta cheese, cut into cubes
1 Carrot grated
1 Lemon
Olive oil
BBQ Sauce
Salt & pepper

Prepare the fresh salad by washing the salad leaves, slicing up the peppers and tomatoes, and grating the carrots. Mix in a bowl adding the feta cheese and olives.

Fry the diced onion gently until slightly soft, then add the steaks to the frying pan cooking them to your preferred taste. Add the BBQ sauce to the pan covering both the steaks and onions with the sauce. Remove the pan from the heat, slice the steak into smaller strips and toss the steak strips again so that they are covered in the sauce.

Top the salad with the steak and onion. Now squeeze the juice from the lemon into a separate bowl, add some olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs of your choice. Mix it up, and drizzle over the salad to serve.

This is such a perfect recipe for a warm summer's evening - the warm steak goes surprisingly well with the cold salad, and the lemon and BBQ sauce is a great taste!



Ivy said...

Looks great. But what brand of BBQ sauce do you use? This could make a difference.

LaundryBasketCase said...

Hi Ivy, we used HP Honey Woodsmoke BBQ sauce, but we've also got some Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce which we'll give a go next time. But I have to say, the honey woodsmoke one did turn out super with the lemon dressing.

Judy said...

Sounds divine. Give your sister a hug for kind of sharing. And give Laura a really big hug for getting the recipe for us.

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

That's really made my mouth water! SueX

Anonymous said...

that looks fabulous!

will have to give it a try!

my other half will either be fabulously impressed, or possibly poisoned by the time I am finished ;-)

Thankyou for sharing - I will learn how to be a proper housewife one day :-)

Rose XXX

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