Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Beautiful Pumpkin

Some of you might have been expecting my next post to be about that fancy Miele vacuum cleaner that I'm trying out. Well, I still have the vacuum for a couple of weeks and I'd rather right a 'final review' about it along with some tips about vacuuming and looking after your vacuum cleaner at the ens of the trial. So, for now, I have a couple of other things I'd like to blog about. One of them is about MOULD! Mould can be so troublesome in a damp country such as England. Even worse is that we recently had a pipe burst and the water ran down the wall behind some kitchen cupboards which have swollen and gone mouldy. It's a bit of a disaster, but it's not a total loss that can't be remedied, so keep a look out for my next post all about dealing with mould... I hope yo will find it comes in handy at some stage.

In the meantime I'd like to show you a lovely gift given to me... my friend Steph from the The Green Grower Blog (if you're into growing your own veg or fruit you must pop by and see her lovely photos!) gave me a present from her allotment. She gave me a pumpkin, and it's soooo pretty! It's a lovely warm yellow colour - so lovely in fact that I'm tempted to take it to the hardware store to have paint mixed in that exact colour. The photos really don't do it justice.

So now it begs the question, what to do with this pretty pumpkin? I wish I could just display it all year round, but I've already got enough mould to deal with as it is, so I suppose better use it. Maybe I'll make some South African sweet pumpkin fritters?

Or a delicious orange and pumpkin soup?

Or should I simply roast some slices?
So many choices.

I'll be back soon with that post about dealing with nasty mould.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


Judy said...

I've been waiting for you to bring the vacuum over so I can try it out too. I'm anxious to see you you like it. I think all your ideas for your pumpkin are fabulous. It looks so pretty and perfect I wish you could keep it forever too.

Florence and Mary said...

You must try these pumpkin cookies http://heatherbullard.typepad.com/heather_bullard_collectio/2008/09/pumpkin-cookie.html I made them last year and wasn't expecting to like them (I was using up a can of pumpkin I had) but they are DELICIOUS! I used canned pumpkin so I can only image how good they'll be with a fresh one!

Victoria x

JennyMac said...

Too early to carve it BUT I love roasted pumpkin seeds :)

Ivy said...

The fritter idea sounds really super good!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi lovely,
Sorry its been so long since I came for a visit!
I haven`t been so well... as I suffer from depression and every so often this terrible illness comes to hunt me...
Anyway, my meds are working again! Hurray! So instead of feeling down and sad all the time, I`m over excited and full of beans!
Hence the reason of me accepting comments... once again!
Sometimes life is so difficult to cope with...
Anyway enough of that!
Do come to my blog! I would Love your visit!

Much L.O.V.E to you and your hubby!
You both looked the part... when you went for afternoon tea!Lol
I`m loving your blog... new look!


Mamma Lalla said...

"Pampoenkoekies" in Afrikaans and a very traditional South African dish. So proud of my daughter!! Something to try is butternut fritters - even more tasty!!
Will send the recipe. Love Mamma x

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