Sunday, August 9, 2009

Exciting delivery...

I was recently emailed and asked to participate in a Miele S7 vacuum cleaner touring the UK. Basically they send the vacuum cleaner and I have to try it out for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I also have to send it back (boo). But I thought - why not!? A vacuum cleaner has to be on of the best household appliances (okay, okay, along with a washing machine, and refrigerator... but I'm kind of excited about vacuuming right now). Currently I have a VAX, I like it and it works well, but that's not to say I don't long for a powerful Dyson, cute Henry, or in this case a posh Miele that feels like I've just been handed the keys of an Aston Martin and told to test drive it... scary!

The task at hand is to really put it through its paces and see how many miles I can do. So far I cannot comment on how it works, because since it's delivery on Friday it's been standing on the landing like a prized possession and I've only glanced at it thinking 'ooh, pretty!' and 'Oh, so tidy'. It's a pretty neat machine in terms of looks. I reckon it's the Bree of Desperate Housewives in appearances ... not a hair (or cord) out of place. But today, I will switch it on and make it work, because although it looks like Bree, it might not clean like Bree.

I shall be testing this Aston Martin of a vacuum cleaner alongside my trusty, dusty VAX and I'll keep you posted. I've (purposefully) not been vacuuming our rug downstairs for the past week - gross I know, but I need to do this properly. Any more suggestions for putting a vacuum through it's paces (without of course damaging or breaking it)?

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh im glad im not the only one to get excited over domestic appliances!! i did try the miele before i got my dyson but im not very tall and found it very heavy and hard to manouvere so went back to dyson !! the miele nearly sucked up the rugs though the suction is that strong!! ultimate test for vaccuum's i think is the stairs test! can you do a whole set without unplugging and how easy is it to handle whilst vaccumming each step! good luck i shall watch for the results :-)
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

You could come and run it round my flat after Rianna has had a good go with paint and paper and playdough and cake mix?? lol

My VAX is not working and today we had to hoover with the hand-held... not fun!

Rose XXX

Judy said...

You lucky girl. I would be on cloud 9. You could bring it to my house and put it to work on all the cat hair.

MelMel said...

I so need a new hoover...we have a Henry, but not as good as ppl think!

I want more dust mites and stuff to be lifted, look forward to your report!

MelMel said...

Hello you have a tag and award!xx

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