Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kitchen Conversions

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I've recently come across some brilliant recipes from all over the Internet, especially from some very talented people who share their recipes on their blogs. I have however also noticed that with some of the recipes, I'm not always familiar with the measurements provided. Many British recipes use imperial measurements, while American recipes make use of metric, then there's still the Fahrenheit and Celsius thing. So I did a bit of research and put together my own cooking measurement conversion and abbreviation cards. I plan on printing these off, cutting them out and getting them laminated. Then I'm going to punch a hole in one of the corners of each card, and hold them together with a ring.

But I also thought that maybe my blogging friends would also find them useful... so below I've added my kitchen conversion cards for you. Feel free to print them off and share them with your friends. Home keeping is after all making your home work for you, so having the right information in the right place will help save you time. I hope you find them useful.

I think I might print mine on some pretty brown paper, or shall I go for red? Hmmm....

Read this document on Scribd: Cooking conversions


Ivy said...

Great Idea! I will definitely use these because when I made my HobNob cookies the recipe was lost in translation and did not come out like intended. Hahaha.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Once again, Thanks for sharing!
When I tried to make "The chocolate cupcakes" I got the recipe from an American website...
All went well until I end up baking 45 cupcakes instead of the 20, as the recepie suggested...
Only after, i realised that they were different measurements from ours.
Sweet hubby, had to take most of them to work, which by the way they said they were yummy...
I just managed to read your past posts, and the sugestion of how to fold the towels is great!
I never thought of doing it that way...
Thanks to you, I`m constantly learning new things.
Just need to put it to good use!
And I definatly will!
By the way, I`m so glad you dog, is well now, I bet it was quite a bit scare at the time!
Kisses kisses

Lesley said...

Im a new visitor and your blog looks fab and I am so glad to find someone else who see's the "art" in housekeeping!! Im one of those weird people who love cleaning and find it relaxing :-S
I will pop by often!
Lesley x

Judy said...

Thank you so much for this. I read so many blogs and magazines that are not from the US and I have such trouble making the recipes. My daughter and I had a long discussion about grams last week and trying to figure what the conversion was. This is a really big help. I am new to your blog but will visit again.

A note on perfection

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