Saturday, August 16, 2008

Folding t-shirts

I use to always fold t-shirts by tucking the top end in under my chin then just folding it in half, and then in half again. It's a quick way, but not very satisfying because when you stack your t-shirts, they seem to be all over the place.

Recently I've found two ways of folding t-shirts that have worked for me that I wanted to share with you, but perhaps you already use these or you have a your own way that works well for you? Do let me know by leaving a comment!

The first method I'd like to share, is the Japanese pinching method. I saw this the first time on the Anthea Turner "How to be the Perfect Housewife" program (Lesley also knows this one, and even uses it as a party trick!). I think in the States people have seen Martha Stewart do this too. It looks very impressive, and best of all it takes very little effort and time. I use this method to fold t-shirts when I'm outside taking the the washing down the line. It means that some of the t-shirts don't need ironing at all which is such a bonus! Instead of explaining it to you, I've made some videos - I hope they help!

Watch this video on Youtube

The second method is one I use for t-shirts after I ironed them. I feel that when I put the effort in to iron a t-shirt, I don't want to risk it creasing and having to re-iron it again. Also, with this method all the t-shirts fold into EXACTLY the same size, so it makes a stack of t-shirts look extremely tidy. I call this one the 'magazine method', I'm sure some of you already know this one. It's not dissimilar to how many people fold t-shirts anyway, but the magazine just helps it along.

Watch this video on Youtube

Well, there you have it, my t-shirt folding methods as promised.
I hope you're having a lovely weekend, and that you don't have as much ironing to do as I have!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hiya, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I agree Debbie is such a lovely person. I visited your blog a couple of days ago and was interested in your post about mice, as we live in the country it can be an issue. My husband lined the back of our food cupboards with wood as we have had several unwanted visitors (including 1 of my pussy cats who likes to bring live mice in, she doesnt kill them all the time because she likes to chase them around)so I will try the peppermint oil idea. I am looking forward to your advice on fleas. I have four cats so it can be a problem at times. I use stuff from the vets that lasts a month, but chemicals cant be good for them, so if there are any alternatives you can come up with that would be good. Thanks so much for your comment regarding the time warp wives, I tried not to rant but I couldnt help myself. I am abit gobby Im afraid (not very vintage style housewife behaviour LOL!Id probably be thrown out of the W.I. if I was a member) You have some other really good tips on your blog too, so I will definately come back. Take Care Mandy

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

Is that top one magic?!

Lesley said...

oo Ms LBC - I "heart" your blog its getting better and better :) Such a good t shirt folding trick that one - I remember recording the Anthea episode and sitting surrounded by t shirts getting very frustrated late one evening till I cracked it LOL
Ive told a few people about the peppermint trick as we also live in the country (like mandy above) so I may become very popular if it works !!

Ivy said...

That Japanese pinching method is FREAKY!I had to watch the video over and over again. Hahahaha

Thanks for these great tips. Usually when I iron a shirt, I hang it up instead of folding it up. I am afraid even if I fold it the magazine way, the shirt will still have creases and I will have to iron it again when I want to wear the shirt.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

How did you do that?!
I`m so fascinated with the first folding technique, that I had to watch it over and over again!
The video clips, are very professional!
I need to show it to Alan, when he comes home from work... he thinks that he knows some good tricks...
Just wait until he sees this one!
I just read Mandy`s comment... Thank you, for thinking that I`m a lovely person.
It really made my day!
Oh, by the way, I have sent you an email...
Kisses kisses
Debbie Moss

A note on perfection

Many of the posts featured on this blog are about doing household chores the correct, or so to say perfect way. My intention is not to make readers feel that the way they are running their households are wrong. So if making the bed, or ironing shirts in a certain way doesn't fit your lifestyle, do not feel guilty about it. But by learning the correct way of doing things it might just come in handy for those times when special guests are staying, or when you need to iron that shirt perfectly for a job interview. So enjoy the learning, but skip the guilt and LOVE your homes. x

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